Custom made

yours only

What’s the idea behind a unique personalised bag?

I create your dream bag, so you don’t need to look for it any longer.

Everyone deserves beauty and to shine just by being able upgrading their outfit with personal accessories that suit their personality.

Therefore, I design and create unique items in leather for you to cherish for a lifetime.

There is a free* repair service. Implementing a longer life to our existing resources and reducing waste because we love our planet and our precious life.

*Is there a technical fault? The full repair is free, supplies included.
*Is one of the parts worn out? You pay the cost of the worn-out part, labour is free.

Handcrafted bags



Besides bespoke items with the possibility of using your own materials, I also create off the shelf items, mainly small leather goods made from off-cuts. Creating a zero-waste society.

Leather accessories

The creative and craft process

My goal is to provide design enthusiasts with a unique, highly personal piece that they can enjoy the rest of their lives. I also provide my customers with a unique experience. Taking them on a journey; starting with the introduction, discussing the project, through the entire creation process up to and including the delivery of their very personal bag or accessory. Each piece is made by myself in my studio in Brussels.

Your personal journey with me starts with an appointment in my workshop or online. The aim is to get to know you, your style, your dreams and wishes. Based on this first meeting I will make some design proposition sketches and drawings. Up to you to choose the one you like most, so I can refine the concept and create a paper model. After validation of the paper model, we will discuss materials, colors, accessories,… Then the actual production process can start. I keep you updated with pictures along the way. Is there anything you wish to see different? I can change it for you. As soon ready you are welcome to pick up your dream bag at my workshop or I can send it by post.  

crafted by ME

Made in Brussels

I design, create and craft each bag or accessory with care and craftsmanship in my workshop in Schaarbeek. It all starts with sketching and drawing in the sketchbook I carry around with me. Inspirarion comes at the most unexpected moment or place.

After the sketching I make small technical drawings, imagining the pattern and technical details of the bag. Then I draw all patterns by hand on old cardboard boxes, pallet cardboard from warehouses, paper bags,… Once patterns are cut, materials are chosen, I cut out every piece of leather or reinforcement manually. If skiving is necessary, I also do this by hand using a French or Japanese skiving knife. It is a precise process.

Finishings & details

Once all parts are cut out, skived, and reinforcement applied, the logo can be embossed, and assembling can start.
Glueing together edges, sewing by machine or by hand depending on the project and item, finishing off edges, refining, shaping and finally cleaning the finished item.

I Apply all techniques which I learned during my 3 years of study as a leather craftswoman, including all other manual self-taught techniques.

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Would you like to have your unique bag created by me?

Step into my world of artisan craftsmanship and style at An Vandenberk.

I invite you to experience the epitome of bespoke fashion. Whether you’re in search of a tailor-made handbag or wish to try on or collect items from the ‘This Is No Disco – just be you in bamboo’ collection, I’m here to make your fashion dreams come true.

Book an appointment today, and let me create a unique piece that reflects your individuality. My studio is where creativity and elegance intertwine. I can’t wait to welcome you. Schedule your visit now, and let your style shine.

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