Clothing | This Is No Disco

Clothing | This Is No Disco

Thanks to my close friendship with Paul Holland and our mutual love for art and fashion, his incredible artwork(*) and the discovery of the amazing qualities of Bamboo fabrics(**) lead me to create a small collection of designer tops and dresses. Out of love for creating, artistry, our planet and the community, the This Is No Disco brand is born in 2018!

In 2023, I proudly expanded my collection to include two complete silhouettes perfect for colder days, now known as ‘Just Be You in Bamboo.‘ Embrace sustainable fashion that aligns with nature while expressing your true self. Come join us on this journey towards a stylish and eco friendly future!

“Colourful” and genderless designs in black and white that suit anyone wishing to express themselves through their style, regardless of gender, background, or age.
My commitment to slow fashion extends to timeless pieces that defy the pace of the fashion treadmill. This collection is a living embodiment of my inspiration, with regular updates introducing new designs. Embrace a fashion philosophy that transcends trends and emphasizes individual expression at any pace. Discover the art of slow fashion on our Sustainability page.

Only small quantities available to avoid overstocks and unsold items. Out of stock items will be supplemented on a regular basis.
You will never have to wait too long for your favourite piece.
Patience is appreciated though as we think about our planet.

Produced by ** Bamboo Belgium and printed with the artwork of * Paul Holland by INK Brussels.