B-E-V weekender

The idea, the concept

Create the giant version of the B-E-V mini as a weekender. Develop the bag in bag concept to the max. Make it a fashion statement!

How to wear it

Versatile and Stylish: What’s more, an elegant detachable handbag awaits you inside, offering a secure spot for your essential items such as your wallet, phone, and tissues. When you arrive at your destination, simply detach the handbag, and you’re ready to embark on the next leg of your adventure.

Material & details

Elegance and Discretion in One Stunning Package

The “B-E-V” Weekender – a truly magnificent creation designed to discreetly and elegantly accompany you on your journeys. This reimagined weekender takes the form of a colossal shopper bag, enhanced with a unique harmonica side designed exclusively by me to provide effortless access. Carried effortlessly over the shoulder with two long, sturdy handles, this bag embodies understated luxury.

Innovative Interior Design: The “B-E-V” Weekender is more than meets the eye. Inside, you’ll discover a vast, secure compartment, sealed with a sleek black metal zipper. Yet, the true marvel is the “false” bottom, designed in the shape of a leather toolbox. This concealed compartment safeguards your private belongings, hidden from prying eyes. Two open circular side pockets offer additional storage options. A double-cursor zipper, also in black metal, ensures ease of use. The sturdy “lid” even features an extendable handle for convenient removal from the main bag, creating a separate and stylish accessory once you reach your destination. A shoulder strap is included for easy transformation into a backpack, perfect for urban explorations.

A Symphony of Materials: The exterior of this weekender showcases a combination of soft yet robust mouse grey cowhide leather, harmoniously paired with rose cowhide nappa harmonica side panels. Every component is lovingly lined with the same rose cowhide nappa for a consistent and luxurious experience. The zippers, in matte black metal, are of the highest quality, emphasizing attention to detail.

Elevate Your Travel Experience with the “B-E-V”: The “B-E-V” Weekender is not just a bag; it’s an invitation to explore in style, to carry your secrets and treasures with grace and elegance. It’s your discreet companion, your personal statement, and the epitome of your refined taste.

Unveil the Unseen with the “B-E-V” Weekender – The Essence of Discreet Elegance: With the “B-E-V” Weekender, you’re equipped for a world of adventures, all while indulging in luxurious design and clever concealment. This is a bag designed for the urban explorer who values style and functionality. It’s not just a bag; it’s your ticket to hidden luxury, wherever your journey may lead.


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