Client’s briefing

  1. Create a stylish spacious handbag with a classic design with a glimpse of originality using my husbands old but still beautiful brown leather jacket
  2. It must be a bag for everyday use which adds style to any outfit

The idea, the concept

  1. Design a classic, timeless piece with 2 handles and a flap with a turn lock.
  2. Add small sophisticated details which make the difference with any other classic bag
  3. Add different pockets for the ease of use 

Material & details

Where Elegance Meets Sustainability

In the world of fashion, there’s a timeless charm in blending tradition with innovation, and the “Gil” handbag is a striking embodiment of this philosophy. Crafted from a repurposed leather jacket once belonging to my client’s husband, this handbag tells a story and showcases the enduring elegance of classic style.

An air of sophistication, seamlessly marrying structure with fluidity in its design. It is a spacious accessory, gracefully shaped to accommodate the demands of modern life while retaining its timeless appeal. My client, a connoisseur of classic style, sought a design that would effortlessly complement her wardrobe, and the “Gil” handbag delivers precisely that.

Asymmetry in design. One of the defining features of this handbag is the duo of handles, each with its unique charm. The front handle, slightly longer than its counterpart at the back, emerges from the bag with an alluring asymmetry. The handle inserts subtly hint at the interior’s hidden beauty by showcasing a glimpse of the blue-grey suede lining. The exterior, resplendent in rich brown leather, harmonizes exquisitely with the inner sanctuary crafted entirely from sumptuous blue-grey suede.

Functionality blending seamlessly with aesthetics. A discreet, concealed pocket at the back, cleverly integrated into a former seam of the jacket, provides a discreet yet accessible storage solution. Inside, you’ll find two more pockets—a spacious open one, perfect for safely stowing a smartphone, and a zippered compartment for securing smaller essentials.

Transformation. With the “Gil” handbag, I’ve given new life to a cherished leather jacket, transforming it into a stunning and contemporary fashion piece. It’s a testament to the art of reinvention, where the outer leather conceals all traces of its previous life, allowing the bag to shine as a symbol of timeless elegance and sustainable fashion.

In the “Gil” handbag, history, tradition, and modernity converge to create an accessory that not only complements your style but also tells a story of sustainability and creativity. It’s a celebration of the past, a nod to the present, and a promise for a more sustainable future in the world of fashion.

Introducing the “Gil” Handbag: A Classic Reimagined

The “Gil” handbag is a true testament to timeless style and sentimental value. Crafted from a cherished leather jacket, once worn by our client’s husband, this bag seamlessly blends classic design with sophisticated details, making it an embodiment of elegance and nostalgia.

Classic Sophistication: In keeping with our client’s classic style, the “Gil” handbag exudes an understated elegance. Its generous size strikes a perfect balance between structure and fluidity, allowing it to effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits.

Artful Asymmetry: One of the defining features of the “Gil” handbag is its asymmetrical handles. The longer front handle gracefully emerges from the bag, offering a subtle peek at the interior’s rich blue-gray suede lining. This thoughtful touch adds a dash of sophistication and intrigue to the bag’s design.

Rich Brown Exterior, Luxurious Blue-Gray Interior: The exterior of the “Gil” handbag showcases the warm, earthy tones of the original leather jacket, resulting in a rich and inviting brown hue. In contrast, the interior is a luxurious sanctuary of blue-gray suede, providing a striking visual contrast and a tactile experience that’s nothing short of exquisite.

Hidden Treasures: This bag conceals its secrets with finesse. A discreet pocket at the back, cleverly integrated into a former jacket seam, offers a convenient space for essentials you need quick access to. Inside, you’ll find two additional pockets—a open one for your phone and a zippered one for securing smaller items.

A Second Life with Grace: What makes the “Gil” handbag truly remarkable is its ability to breathe new life into the old leather jacket. The transformation is so seamless that it leaves no trace of the jacket’s former identity, creating a beautiful and functional accessory with a deeply personal connection.

The “Gil” handbag is not just a fashion statement; it’s a story of love, nostalgia, and reinvention. It embodies the essence of classic style and sophisticated design while preserving the sentimental value of cherished memories. Carry a piece of your history with grace and elegance with the “Gil” handbag by your side.


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