Urban Adventurer

The idea, the concept

Create a big, sturdy yet beautiful work and travel bag, using the “doctor’s bag” technique. Go beyond the simple handbag making and stretch the limit of the possible.

How to wear it

Versatile Carrying Styles: With two sturdy handles, the “Urban Adventurer” transitions seamlessly between hand-carry and wrist-carry. The round design of the handle attachments is a subtle nod to the headphones you can store in the front pocket. This bag is all about blending functionality with style.

Elevate Your Work and Travel Experience: The “Urban Adventurer” is more than just a bag; it’s your steadfast ally on your urban adventures. Its understated yet commanding presence ensures it’s always ready for action. From board meetings to airport terminals, this bag is your essential companion.

Choose the “Urban Adventurer” and embark on your journey with confidence: Unleash your inner urban adventurer with a bag that’s built to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. It’s not just a bag; it’s a testament to your dedication and a symbol of your unwavering determination.

Material & details

Your Trusted Companion for Work and Travel

The “Urban Adventurer” – the epitome of reliability in the form of a capacious and towering bag, created using the timeless “doctor’s bag” technique. Crafted to stand the test of time, this bag has your back for all your work and travel needs.

Thoughtful Compartments for Modern Living: At the forefront of innovation, the “Urban Adventurer” features a dedicated front compartment to keep your headphones secure and within reach. In a world that’s always connected, this bag ensures your essentials are easily accessible.

Effortless Organization Inside: Inside the bag, you’ll find a zippered pocket at the top for your most crucial essentials. A trusty carabiner hook provides a safe spot for your keys, so you never have to rummage again.

Elegant Exteriors and Vibrant Interiors: The exterior of the bag boasts a sophisticated and robust appearance. It’s constructed using dark green cowhide leather with an exotic print for the front and back, while black deadstock leather adorns the sides. Inside, a burst of vibrancy awaits with metallic light green and sparkling green pigskin leather. This dynamic interior not only adds a splash of excitement but also ensures you have a clear view of your belongings.

Stability at Your Service: To enhance its practicality, the “Urban Adventurer” is fitted with four sturdy feet, allowing it to stand securely on any surface. It’s a perfect fusion of form and function.

Space for All Your Essentials: The “Urban Adventurer” has ample space for all your essentials, making it a timeless companion for your daily routines. Whether it’s your laptop, books, notepads, or stationery, this bag ensures everything has its place.


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