Urban Treasures

The idea, the concept

One day in a city can be very challenging. Running from one activity into another. Finding a bag that suits every occasion of the day, is very time consuming. The challenge I gave myself is designing ONE bag that meets all the needs of 24h city life. It has become a full collection in one. 

How to wear it

Tailoring Your Day: When you desire a lighter load for the day, it’s easy to unzip the “Urban Treasures Sleeve” and pair it with a dedicated attachment, offering you two ways to carry it. Choose the short handle, easily secured with robust snap buttons, for a hand-held option. Alternatively, opt for hands-free ease during your shopping spree by attaching the long, elegant strap. This creates a compact, convenient, and stylish accessory to complement your outfit.

A Collection that Complements Every Moment: With the “Urban Treasures,” you have everything you need at your fingertips, allowing you to seamlessly switch bags and styles throughout the day. It’s the ultimate 3-in-1 collection, designed for the urban adventurer on the move.

Material & details

Your Versatile Companion for the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

The “Urban Treasures” collection – a trio of bags carefully crafted to cater to the urban adventurer’s dynamic 24-hour journey through the city. For the modern, cosmopolitan, and self-assured city dweller, the “Urban Treasures” are the perfect choice. From morning meetings and leisurely lunches to city strolls and cocktail hours, these bags effortlessly carry all your precious belongings.

A Bag for Every Moment: In a bustling city, every moment is a new adventure, and the “Urban Treasures” collection ensures you’re always in style. It’s unique, luxurious, modular, elegant, flexible, and boldly distinctive. These three bags have been designed to adapt to your needs, always keeping you on-trend and ready for any urban exploration.

Versatile Interior: Inside the “Urban Treasures Sleeve,” you’ll find the “Urban Mini Treasure Pocket.” It can serve as a makeup pouch during the day, holding your essentials in the “Urban Treasure Box.” In the evening, it transforms into your go-to for a night out, carrying your phone, a handkerchief, and cards. The pocket is ultra-compact and effortlessly hand-held, exuding elegance.

The Urban Treasures Trio: The “Urban Treasures” collection is a seamless blend of three distinct bags. At its core, you have the “Urban Treasure Box” – a spacious, structured bag designed to resemble a treasure chest in leather. It’s here that you carry all your daily treasures with you, literally.

The back can be adorned with a special attachment that offers a pocket for your most frequently used essentials. If you need extra storage, you can zip on the “Urban Treasures Sleeve,” providing two additional external compartments.

Luxury in Detail: This collection is meticulously crafted from smooth Bordeaux deadstock cowhide leather, light glimmering fuchsia pink calf leather, and lined with light blue-grey lamb suede, providing an unexpected and contrasting touch to your urban ensemble.

Elevate your city adventures with the “Urban Treasures” collection – a testament to versatility, style, and sophistication. It’s more than just a bag; it’s your faithful companion for every moment in the city.


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