Unveiling “This Is No Disco – Just Be You in Bamboo” Collection

A Revolution in Sustainable and Inclusive Fashion by An Vandenberk

Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you straight from Brussels. I’m An Vandenberk, a passionate designer and the creative force behind the fashion label “This Is No Disco.” Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our latest venture – the pre-order campaign for our exclusive collection, “This Is No Disco – Just Be You in Bamboo.”

A Vision of Timeless, Inclusive, and Sustainable Fashion

“This Is No Disco” isn’t just another fashion label; it’s a vision. It’s about embracing diversity, encouraging authenticity, and championing sustainability. Our collection celebrates the beauty of being yourself, regardless of age, gender, or beliefs, all while making a conscious choice for sustainable clothing. It’s a   single collection that slowly expands over time. It does not follow the fast pace of fashion, it slowly but surely follows its idiosyncratic cadence.

My journey in the world of fashion began in 2016 when I took my first tentative steps and established “This Is No Disco.” It was the realization of a childhood dream to have my own clothing label. In 2018, I introduced my first inclusive timeless capsule collection, and today, I’m thrilled to introduce four new designs to this collection. We’ve also upgraded and proudly relaunched our existing items. What makes this collection truly special is that it’s entirely crafted from sustainable bamboo fabrics, designed by me, and responsibly produced by Bamboo Belgium in Portugal. The stunning prints on our tops are the creations of the talented Parisian image maker, Paul Holland, renowned for their intricate detail and focus on portraiture. These illustrations, traditionally hand-drawn in pencil, often pay homage to POP culture and iconic fashion moments and are digitally printed by INK Brussels.

Key Features of the Collection

The “This Is No Disco – Just Be You in Bamboo” collection is all about vibrant designs in black and white, crafted from luxurious bamboo fabrics. Here’s what sets it apart:

Sustainability: I’m proud to say that my collection consists exclusively of items made from ecological bamboo fabrics, including the unique American Fleece made from 100% Bamboo viscose, a Belgian innovation by Bamboo Belgium. The fabrics are OEKO-tex100 certified, anti-odour, and breathable, ensuring thermal comfort and UV protection. By producing on pre-order, in small quantities, and using compostable fabrics, I’m contributing to the zero-waste campaign goal.

Inclusivity: The collection is designed for all body types and identities, breaking the boundaries of traditional fashion and allowing it to be a limitless form of self-expression.

Prices and Discounts: I offer nine unique models, with prices ranging from 188€ to 295€. As a special treat, the first ten pieces sold of each model will receive an exclusive 20% discount.

Pre-order Campaign Details

The pre-order campaign runs till October 25th. You can explore the collection and place your orders at https://www.anvandenberk.be/this_is_no_disco_pre-order.

Click here to go to the pre-order

Join the Fashion Revolution

With ‘This Is No Disco – Just Be You in Bamboo,’ I hope to bring a positive change to the fashion world, highlighting inclusivity and sustainability. I invite everyone to join this captivating evolution.


Be a part of this groundbreaking fashion movement. Pre-order “This Is No Disco – Just Be You in Bamboo” and make a statement for inclusivity and sustainability in fashion. Additionally, if you’re in Milan, don’t miss the chance to experience the collection in person at the Brussels House.

Thank you for your support, and let’s embark on this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable fashion future!

Warm regards, An Vandenberk

See our clothing collection made with Bamboo

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